Graph with 4 bars that decribe the amount of leads through each funnel

Main leads distribution

The initial distribution of leads caused a lot of work to be put on just customer communication and converting the analog data to customer profiles.

Graph with nodes showing the path from first meet to sign-up

From page visit to sign-up

The obvious solution was to expand the online funnel by adding a sign-up form on their site and guiding the user to a path that would cause them to eventually sign up.

By redesigning the site we were able to create a more modern feel and also refocus the main goal; bringing users to the sign-up page.

Kids Academy pages screenshots


After the relaunch of the site we saw an increase of over 400% conversion through the site. Causing the main source of leads to be fully automatic and less painstaking. The founders were able to focus significantly more time on providing value instead of actively looking for new customers.

What surprised us the most however was the change in google ranking. Initially the Kids Academy website was ranked on page 2, a place where no one really looks. But in less than 2 weeks due to SEO optimizing and online advertising we were able to shoot the site up to not only the first page but also the first spot!

Kids Academy leads updated

Campaing conclusion

This helped tremendously in the end and was the last step to cement the Kids Academy website as a succesfull campaign.

"Ruben fully understands his craft and knows exactly how to fix underlying issues. Without him we would have never been able to take this company to the level it is now!" - Bram Knuvers