After my first year of post-secondary vocational education, I was given the chance to teach a class the basics of digital media design with a focus on web experiences. This opportunity truly gave me a first-hand experience of teaching. I started to understand the challenges that come with it as well as the amazing things you learn when trying to explain your way of thinking to people who only just now understand that web design is more than making it look pretty


My initial goals were to improve my public speaking but it turns out that when you teach you also learn a lot about yourself. Eventually I set a broader goal to enhance my understanding of programming systems using new found perspectives

Overall experience

During my period of teaching, I created a class plan, executed it, and reflected on my results. I saw that just explaining what you think isn't always the solution. Every student thinks in their unique way and the cookie-cutter solution that we currently have in place doesn't support the complex way of thinking required for digital product development.

That's why I devised a plan that wasn't only based on my ideas but supported a platform that gave freedom to students to explore their ideas and in turn get my feedback on it to improve what they already have.

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After 6 months of work, the results showed, many students could explain their thought process when presenting their designs. Many even found that design was a study they wanted to follow after their current course.

I can truly say I grew as a person during this experience. Learning how students think taught me the optimal way to communicate with interns at my company, seeing improvements right away.

I want to thank ROC Amstelland and the many great people working there for providing me with such a great opportunity. 🤘